We make stuff to improve the lives of our patients|


We support clinical staff to become hybrid clinical developers

By helping one another we help to shortcut the learning cycle in software development to empower staff to bring change to their clinical environment


We help clinical staff to understand data science

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are around the corner in healthcare. Clinical staff have deep domain understanding, which puts them at a great advantage in that area. We aim to unlock that knowledge.


We teach clinical staff how to rapidly build products

We are all about building fast and testing ideas. Don't worry if you don't have any ideas yet. We can show you how to go about generating lots of ideas and picking the best one.

Meet your new best friends
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Matt Stammers

Gut Medicine, Technology and Entrepreneurship. It's time to finally build 'people-shaped' medical technology.

Stu Maitland

F1, neuroscience, machine learning and learning machines. Founder of Mediwikis, Python coder.

Gyles Morrison

Clinical UX Specialist, Digital Health Consultant, Career Coach, international speaker and author.

Maxwell Flitton

Nurse and physics grad who codes and applies machine learning algorithms to data.

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